The teaching of History and Social Sciences are faced with profound curricula and epistemological transformations that affect their mutual discipline relations, in tune with new social expectations.
Human and social sciences spare no efforts to contribute  to discussions about controversial issues of contemporary societies, including those related to peace and sustainable development.
Without quality education on these crucial issues, such efforts can not succeed. Training the current generation to deal with them is a task more necessary than ever. Research coordination, publications and education in these areas is essential.
Hence the idea put forward in 2009 by a network of researchers and educators, form different countries, to create the International Research Association for History and Social Sciences Education (IRAHSSE).
Its mission is to promote research in History and Social Sciences education, to promote reflection and debate, to train new generations to the major challenges of the present and future world.

Conference postponed

The 6th IRAHSSE conference was scheduled to take place in Trois-Rivières in October 2020. Due to the global pandemic we are all facing at the moment, we regret to inform you that this conference has been postponed to the fall of 2021. Details will follow this summer, as soon as possible.

6th International Conference of the IRAHSSE